Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Run Wild Horses In "Get Creative" Magazine

Run Wild Horses feature interview for Get Creative magazine, VOL 5 ISSUE 8 June 2009, page 12-15

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A cloudy day is perfect for blogging

After a short blogging hiatus due to work load and illness, i’m happy to announce that we’re back and would like to re-introduce our label to those checking in on a long awaited up date and also to those visiting for the first time. So here, below is an extended excerpt from an interview i recently gave:

About Run Wild Horses style
For the most part the Run Wild Horses style is know of "modern vintage". I take vintage and vintage reproduction materials and re-work them into modern, fresh and unique designs.
I draw inspiration from the materials themselves. I spend many hours searching markets, vintage and ops shops and online looking for unique vintage components, and will often sit on the floor with all my boxes and containers of parts and bring the pieces together at that tine, rather than planning out a collection from sketches and trying to find the materials after. When working with vintage materials you need to have some flexibility with your designs because there is no guarantee that you will find the piece your looking for or need to finish the design.
Recently i began to focus more and more on the materials used allowing the designs to create a story, my one creative interpretation of whatever ever theme i happen to be working in at that time.