Friday, 24 September 2010

Etsy Feature - Can You Hear a Spirit's Whisper

Wow I've had the great fortune over the last couple of weeks to have my designs featured in Etsy treasuries, this one was made by the lovely Cestart64 and is tilted "Can you hear a spirit's whisper" which includes my "Ouija Spirit Board" necklace

Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's Show Time

Well it's show time again. The Royal Melbourne Show is on again at the showgrounds in Flemington until the 28th of September.
As a child after Christmas and my birthday, show day was my most favorite day. It was so exciting, the night before i always found it hard to sleep. All winter long me, my sister and brother had the task of helping dad on the farm, on each night after school and on the weekend mornings we'd be downing the cowshed hand feeding the little calves or helping out in the milking shed. We never got pocket money but our reward for all our work was an annual trip down to Melbourne to the Show.
After a sleepless night we'd wake up all red eyed and grumpy, but by the time the train station (that's when the train still run in South Gippsland) we would be so full of excitement we could barely sit still.

In recent years the show have gone through a lot of changes and to me i feel it's lot some of it's whimsy and mystic but for a child it still provides a magically day out. This year i went with my sister and her 2 year old son. We had a wonderful day, watching Oscars reaction to all the ride, sights and activities was almost like see the show through my childhood eyes again. Oscar's favorite for the day was the first thing he set his eye on and the one thing he spoke of for the whole time we were there, the big "ball" that was "'igh" in the sky, also know as the Ferris Wheel with their shiny red gondolas.

Monday, 20 September 2010

New Buntings

Check out these sweet buntings which will be avaliable next week. Each are made from my huge vintage fabric stash and features 12 handmade flags measuring 15x20cm, and comes with a 30cm tie off section and metal ring for hanging.
These are perfect for dressing a room or nursery and makes a wonderful reusable party decoration.

At present they come is 3 different themes.
1. Boy blue
2. Chic Floral
3. Bohemian

Friday, 17 September 2010

Etsy Feature - Death of Summer

Yeh! Here's another Etsy Gallery feature amde by the lovely sunflowerexpress tilted "Death of Summer" which inclucdes my "decay of society" steampunk statement necklace

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

DIY Food

Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil i spyed this lovely little yellow flower blooming on my tomatoe plant, maybe i might get some lovely fresh cherry tomatoes this summer.
I'm a little blessed really, i have huge backyard and wonderful fertile soil. This past summer i was lucky enough to be treated with home grown cellery, capcium, onions, silverbeet, potatoes, apples, necturines, blackberries, chillies, parsley, chives, bassel.....

and big juicey sweet strawberries all from my very own garden.

And right now i have growing potatoes, cellery and spinich. I can't wait for the weather to fine up a bit, i want to set up another two beds and get my summer crops in the ground. I love my veggie garden...yummy!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ladies Market Tomorrow

Tomorrow we'll be attening the first market for us for the 2010/11 Spring Summer season. We'll be heading of to Mordialloc to attened the Ladies Market. Held at Allen McLean Hall from 10am to 2pm the market features a huge range of quality pre-love and vintage women clothing, shoes and accessories.

This will be the first time i'm attending this market, and timely too, my collection of vintage shoes and dresses is starting to take over my house. Here's a small sample of what i will have for sale. I'll also be taking a selection of jewellery some of which you can purchase at the market only for less then wholesale and i will also be debuting my rockabilly bow clips and whimisical bobby pins.

For more details on the Ladies Market check out there website at:

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Tim Burton Exhibition

I'm sure at some point you've came across the genius work of Tim Burton, through his association with such films as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more recently Alice In Wonderland. Well now showing at The Australia Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) at Federation square in Melbourne is a wonderful exhibition dedicated to the work of this amazing director, writer and artist.
The exhibition showcase the work of Burton for his foundation years as an artist and illustrator right up to his latest and current directorial projects. The exhibition also includes a collection of original costumes from Alice In Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands and Batman amongst others. There are many unique film props, puppets, sculptures and the most mesmerizing collection of illustrations and artworks. While you're there you can kick back, take a seat and watch a number of Burton films showing on TV's and screens around the exhibition.
I absolutly recommend a visit (or two if you get a chance) Hire one of the auto guides for only $5 extra it's well worth it as it features a number of interviews and extras. Bring your kids along too, there's a large activity center set up at the back of the exhibition just for them. But hurry the show closes on the 10th of October.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Weekend Doilies

I've just spent most of the past weekend cutting and hand dying vintage doilies. Part of kitchen became my drying station with strings of thread hung across my kitchen window, i actually love this image as the sunlight catches all the lovely colours i just created with my collection of dyes and inks. If i didn't need to use the cuties in my designs i would have left this display up as it is.
Each of these doilies will be used in a brand new range of brooches, necklaces, hair accessories and fascintors available soon on my website and at the markets.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Here's a selection of items from Run Wild Horses just for you.
Steampunk Movement Cufflinks $50

Steampunk Movement Cufflinks $50

Steampunk Movement Tie Pin $25

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Welcom Spring

Oh my deer friend spring you're finally here. How i've missed your bright colours, beautiful perfumes and little buds of life beginning to flourish as the days grow longer. The grass is lush, blossom have began and all around new life is coming to be.

Floral Crochet Brooches $18 each

A POCKETFUL OF POSIES vintage enamel flower statement bib Necklace $109

My lovely Camellia tree

Red Blossoms

Sweetheart Calf