Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's Show Time

Well it's show time again. The Royal Melbourne Show is on again at the showgrounds in Flemington until the 28th of September.
As a child after Christmas and my birthday, show day was my most favorite day. It was so exciting, the night before i always found it hard to sleep. All winter long me, my sister and brother had the task of helping dad on the farm, on each night after school and on the weekend mornings we'd be downing the cowshed hand feeding the little calves or helping out in the milking shed. We never got pocket money but our reward for all our work was an annual trip down to Melbourne to the Show.
After a sleepless night we'd wake up all red eyed and grumpy, but by the time the train station (that's when the train still run in South Gippsland) we would be so full of excitement we could barely sit still.

In recent years the show have gone through a lot of changes and to me i feel it's lot some of it's whimsy and mystic but for a child it still provides a magically day out. This year i went with my sister and her 2 year old son. We had a wonderful day, watching Oscars reaction to all the ride, sights and activities was almost like see the show through my childhood eyes again. Oscar's favorite for the day was the first thing he set his eye on and the one thing he spoke of for the whole time we were there, the big "ball" that was "'igh" in the sky, also know as the Ferris Wheel with their shiny red gondolas.

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