Friday, 26 December 2008


Just a quick note you wish all of my customers and stockists a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas, and a big thank you for all your wonderful comments, support (and Run Wild Horses is now on leave having a much deserved holiday. We will re-open on Monday the 12th January 2009 for both Wholesale and retail trade. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Best Wishes

Saturday, 13 December 2008


We are delight to inform everyone that Run Wild Horses now has a store on the 2Threads website, come visit us at

2 Threads is a online social network were fashionistas can look, love and buy some of the country hottest designs and labels. Brows the site and check out our store. xoxo

Summer Collection Almost Sold Out

Just a quick up date - our summer collection "Blooms" is almost sold out. We have a few necklaces left and Love birdie Earrings (these came be view and purchased from either or
We are now sold out of the Blooming Rose Bud rings and the Pin/Earring Gift Sets, we also sold out of the Rose Bud Earrings sets. We wish to thank all our wonderful stockists and customer that have helped to make this collection such a huge success.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Blooms Summer Collection Profile - Gift Sets

BLOOMS – Birdie & Blossoms Gift Set. Each off these joyous gift sets feature a large bird brooch, pair of blooming rose bobby pins and a pair of rose bud stud earrings.
The pieces are made from vintage Japanese Lucite cabochons on steel findings. The set comes carded and plastic wrapped and would make a wonderful gift of Christmas stocking filler.
The sets come in the following colours: Cerise, Black, Cream, White & Teal. Each retails for $25 and can be purchases from our website and selected stockists

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Blooms Summer Collection Preview - Earring

BLOOMS Summer Earring collection features two different designs, firstly cute as a button Rose Cabochon Studs in sets of 3 summer colours and large dangle Birdie Blossom Earrings

BLOOMS –Blooming Rose Bud Cab Earrings
Set of 3 stud earrings in vibrant summer tones. Made from 10mm 3D vintage acrylic rose cabochons, set on steel post and clutch. Come packed under plastic and carded. Set #1 features purple, yellow and peach Buds and set #2 features cream, orange and purple. Stocks are limited, set #2 is almost sold out.
BLOOMS –Birdie Blossoms Earrings

Each pair of earrings features large 45x40mm double-sided vintage acrylic love bird pendants, finished with antiqued golden coloured floral beads and hung from brass ox coloured alloy French hooks. Although the pieces are large they are not too heavy to wear and look stunning. Comes in Sky blue, teal, pink and yellow. Stocks limited

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

BLOOMS Summer Collection Profile – Necklaces

In November this year we launched our very first collection, entitled Blooms, it features a collection of limited edition pieces all featuring brightly coloured vintage cabochons. The following entries will profile each of the accessory styles, starting with Necklaces.
Blooms Love Bird Necklace comes in 3 colours Peach, Yellow (sold out) and Teal. Each necklace features a large vintage Lucite cabochon of two love birds, suspended below is a beautiful brightly coloured vintage Japanese floral cab set on a hand-antiqued frame. The necklace chain in made from lengths of brass ox and golden coloured chain which has been finished with metal embellishments, and glass beads. The whole chain length itself measure about 42cm and sits above the bust line when worn. These necklace are big and bold and perfect for a bright summer’s day. They retail for $49 and can be purchased from or at Incube8r Gallery. Note: The Yellow Love Birdie Necklace is now sold out.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

New Goodies Instock at Incube8r

I have just completed some restocking and rearranging of my Incube8r cube with new goodies including sample designs and a small selection from my BLOOMS summer collection

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I now have another 3 new coin purse designs made from imported kitschy Japanese cotton fabric, they are so sweet and well sell out quick like the rest of the series.
Introducing :
1. Alice In Wonderland theme on sky blue coloured fabric
2. Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
3. Magic Retro Mushrooms

Now available for purchase from my online store, at Etsy and selected stockists.

Monday, 27 October 2008


Ok I’m getting very exited now, my very first collection “Blooms” is almost due for release, this collection has taken me many month to develop, design, find and import the materials and produce, (this was in part due to my house move, but also due to the total lack of information available to design regarding releasing collections).

The collection is made up of necklaces, earring, rings, brooches, and jewellery set (featuring brooches, earrings and bobby pins on cards). Each design features an assortment of carefully selected vintage cabochons, findings and beads, in vibrant colours which invoke the sense “warmth” and “light” associated with summer time.

As the name suggest “blooms” a collection of flowers, roses and bird themed wearable art designs, each is unique and inspiring.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Vintage & Kitsch Fabric Coin Purses

For some time now i have been collecting quirky Japanese and retro vintage fabrics. I would go to local trash and treasure markets every weekend when i lived in the city, there would usually be a couple of stalls that had random lengths of fabric, beautiful retro vintage design for 20 cents a pieces. Very soon i had a whole crate full of fabric pieces and not really sure what to do with them. Buy sheer luck one night on during one of my “late night online expeditions” i found a supplier of hand bag handles and purse frames. After s few trial designs my “Quirky Coin Purse” line was born. These were and instant hit and immediately picked up by a couple of my suppliers.

I began to search for new and fun designs, on i can across a mountain of kitschy retro Japanese printed cotton fabrics, everything from Alice in Wonderland, to Bambi to cute birdies. Needless to say new carte of fabric is now over flowing with cotton delights

I’ve also just discovered a stunning little Quilting fabric shop is the small town i just moved into. They stock a lot of “classic” fabric designs, there i found some darling teal coloured fabric with floral design featuring birds, so i now have some “chic” styles to the line
Sadly these purses take ages to make, as all the purse frames need to sewn in by hand and with all the other goings on i haven’t the time to make too many. A small selection is currently in store at incube8r in Melbourne and i hope to have the full range listed on my website and my Etsy store in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Kongwak Market

If you're ever driving through South Gippsland on a Sunday morning you must make a visit to the Kongwak Market. The beautiful tiny town of Kongwak is situated just 14kms from my home town of Korumburra. The market is open most Sundays from 10am came rain, hail or shine. The market grounds are small but often bustling with colour and life. Here you can purchase locally grown organic vegetables, unique crafts and jewellery and my personal favorite plenty of awesome retro and vintage clothing, footware, accessoires and home wares.
If it's a little cold outside don't worry, just take a seat inside the shed. Enjoy a lovely hot cup of coffee, or feast on the wonderful curries there on offer while you listen to live music.
Kongwak market is well worth a visit not only for the shopping but for the great food and wonderful atmosphere.

Playfully Vintage Collection



Saturday, 13 September 2008

White Picket Fence Dreaming

After many months....7 in fact we have finally moved into our new house, in a quiet little South Gippsland country town. One of the space rooms in the house has now been converted in a studio/workshop/office/storeroom/place for magic and wonder and creating. Complete with tacky old 1960’s floral wall paper and matching curtains?????...!! The carpet is old, worn and going to get replaced when i find the time, but the cute little window fill the room with many hours of glorious sunlight and the whole room as a sense of warmth and belonging to already feels like home.
I wanted to say to big thank you to all my wonderful customers and stockist who have put up with all the chaos, un-contractibility (hmmm might be making up a new word there), missing stock, running out of stock....and not forgetting the many changes to all my contact been a rough few months but everything is beginning to fall into place....and just in time as spring has sprung and it time to get the house in order for the new season.....Christmas is just around the corner.
IN OTHER NEWS......due to the moving (which took a lot longer than was expected or planned for) the Spring collection BLACK which was to be released on the 1st of August this year, has been put on until further notice. But we will however be releasing a collection of beautiful and unique jewellery for the out for future posts, details are coming soon.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Shhhhh It’s A Secret – The outlook for Spring is BLACK

I have a secret, but you have to keep it to yourselves, well at least just for a little while….lol….a spy camera took these photo’s today. They are of our new spring collection entitled BLACK, also found was a secret stash of black enamel charms, vintage acrylic crystals and cameos, watch faces, and lengths of silver and black chain. But see the full collection and find what all the shhing is about, you’ll have to wait until the 1th of August 2008. ****tip-toes quietly out of the studio, holding secret stash and spy photos…lol****

Monday, 9 June 2008

Give old brass an new charm.

I love to collect old brass..stampings, charm... made from old dies is the 40's, 50's and right upto the 80's. Made from costume jewellery, toy and others orignally design for use in furniture. I buy these from all over the world but most of them come from the US and not in a very attractive state when they arrive. Most are covered in tranish and years and years of dust and oil. but that's part of the fun...sorting out the the usable piece from the them up and wondering what desing in can incorpate them into.
I hope to run a series of online workshops during the summer, on selection, cleaning and using brass charms and stampings in basic jewellery design.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

ALICE IN WONDERLAND jewellery is soooo cool!!!

As a child, I loved the story of Alice In Wonderland, and imagined myself finding, by accident some secret place on my parents farm, I never did find such a place, but we have created a number of jewellery pieces inspired by the classic story, including charm and cameo necklaces
Many of the pieces feature vintage materials like Czech glass cabochons and old brass setting. Most of the designs are limited editions as a lot of the material used are getting harder and harder to find
These pieces can be purchase from my Etsy store and from selected stockists.

Making the shiny new look rustic and old.

For the last couple of weeks we have been experimenting with a new technique to antique or raw brass charms, this give the pieces and “aged” appearance but also give them depth and character .

Each charm is carefully selected, these with the most "detail" give the best results, theyare them cleaned and prepared for treatment, the treated takes several steps and the final results are very from piece to piece, but it also allows my customer to choose the level or antiquing or "darkness" of the charm.

These pieces are now available for purchase through my Etsy store and more will be added as we refine this technique, so far we have a swallow, lion (pictures), "i love you" postcard, old tree (pictured) retro TV and a Dachshund dog.

It's also possible to use finished brass piece for decorating old wooden box (jewellery box styles) and to a some charater to photo frames and mirrors. We are now looking into the possiblity of running a workshop for this technique, to be held in our studio this coming summer holiday period.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

OLD EARTH COLLECTION at in.cube8r Gallery

OLD EARTH is a collection of necklaces and brooches featuring pendants made using materials from or inspired by earth and all things in and on it. The pendants feature vintage cameos, cabochons, charms, stampings, old photo's, cards and a selction of my photography as a background.

Items from this collection are exclusive to in.cube8r Gallery, with prices starting from $20


We are proud to introduct our Winter 2008 collection called "Modern Vintage Treasure Hunt"

This is a wonderful collection of necklaces, charm bracelets and earrrings, each inspired by vintage designs with a modern twist. Each piece in the collection is a One Of a Kind Piece and features wonderful rare and hard to find cameos, lockets, charms and other embellishments.

Prices start from $29.95, items are avaliable from, also a small selection can be viewed and purchased from incube8r Gallery.

Problem with Checkout solved.....

The problem with the checkout on has now been solved and the checkout is working correctly now. Thanks

Still homeless for now...

It's been such a long time since i've had a chance to write a blog. We are still in transit, our new studio is about 6-8 weeks away so we are still camped out at my parents farm. I've had to take over part of my parents lounge rooms to set up a makeshift studio, and personly i think my younger sisters are sick on me trying up the one internet connection in the house with my work. But we hope to be moved and settled in soon.

There are lot and lots of changes, great new design, new stockist, also our first newsletter will be out by the end of the week......keep checking in....byebye