Thursday, 5 June 2008

Making the shiny new look rustic and old.

For the last couple of weeks we have been experimenting with a new technique to antique or raw brass charms, this give the pieces and “aged” appearance but also give them depth and character .

Each charm is carefully selected, these with the most "detail" give the best results, theyare them cleaned and prepared for treatment, the treated takes several steps and the final results are very from piece to piece, but it also allows my customer to choose the level or antiquing or "darkness" of the charm.

These pieces are now available for purchase through my Etsy store and more will be added as we refine this technique, so far we have a swallow, lion (pictures), "i love you" postcard, old tree (pictured) retro TV and a Dachshund dog.

It's also possible to use finished brass piece for decorating old wooden box (jewellery box styles) and to a some charater to photo frames and mirrors. We are now looking into the possiblity of running a workshop for this technique, to be held in our studio this coming summer holiday period.

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