Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Steampunk Lolita

I've just added to my collection 2 new sugar sweet hair accessories. These are the first complete pieces from a new steampunk range i've titled "Steampunk Lolita". Each piece brings together vintage watch dials with vintage lace and ribbon, creating a fusion of gothic Neo-Victorian and cheeky Lolita styling.

The first piece in the collection is a sweet little alligator hair clip, featuring a multi-layered bow handmade from vintage white and gray floral embroidered lace. In the center of this bow is a handmade vintage lace rosette with rectangle vintage wrist watch dial embellishment in the center in the center to complete this unique design.

The Steampunk Lolita alice headband, featuring a multi-layered bow handmade from vintage white floral embroidered lace. In the center of this bow is a handmade vintage lace rosett with round vintage wrist watch dial embellishment in the center to complete this unique design.

Very Cute pieces, can be purchased right away from my website, but stocks are limited so be quick.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Junk Lady's Place

One of my favourite places to shop in South Gippsland is at the junk lady’s property. Her real name is Maria but we all call her the junk lady. An interesting old doll who likes to use the “f” word a lot, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re having a conversation or getting verbally abused. Maria runs her recycling salvage business on a couple of acre block just a few minutes’ drive outside of the small town of Foster.

From the outside the place looks like disorganized chaos, from the inside the place IS disorganized chaos. Rows and row of old rusty shipping container, sheds, caravans and truck boxes filled to overflowing of old junk, furniture, tools, bits of old houses, boxes full of foreign language media, bric-a-brac and so on. Ah many an hour could be spent rummaging around finding long forgotten gems, but i recommend a torch and some old clothes as the old shipping containers are pretty dark and dusty.

Beyond shipping container ally at the back of the property you’ll find an interesting selection of rusty metal stuff, road signs, bits of old cars and bikes, and a bath tub or five. I always manage to find a handful of objects to incorporate in to my work (and a several handfuls of stuff to clutter up my house with, that i don’t need)

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hummingbird statement necklace

This wonderful necklace is handcrafted from a selected of vintage treasures. Featuring lovely salvaged and re-purposed materials. This is the very first completed piece of my brand new range of statement necklaces.

I began with a huge silver plated hummingbird shaped pendant which measures a massive 85x80mm. The pendant has then been embellished with selection of vintage daisy flowers salvaged from old brooches and earrings. The pendant hand from a 36cm (14inch) chain made from salvaged vintage opaque yellow glass beads, and lengths of silver plated and black chain, with pretty floral toggle clasp closure.

It's a very sweet piece which i really enjoyed making, and i'm happy to report that it's already found a new home.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Run Wild Horses Runway Debut

Recently i had the honor of be being asked to supply jewellery for the Social Studio fashion show held in conjunction with Hunter Gatherer on the 12th of March this year. A runway was constructed ion a side street of Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. The newly renovated Hunter Gatherer retail store was use as a staging area for the event. The retail floor was cleared and used as a presentation area for designers to display some of their work beside their bio. It was wonderful to see my pieces matched with the clothing designs of other young talented Melbourne artisans. Later on that evening the same area became the venue meet and greet cocktail party.

The surprise of the evening came when i found out the film crew that had filming us dress the models, prep the staging area and film the fashion show were from the ABC, and were here filming a report for their show Art Nation. I can't wait to see that.

Seeing the models stroll down the runway wearing my designs gave me such a great thrill, i had little bubbles of pride brewing up inside me the whole evening. What a wonderful night.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Tea Parties and Dress-Ups what fun!

To celebrate my little sister Jodie's 28 year of birth we had a little tea party, and i made her this lovely cake. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland had just come out in the cinemas so i thought it fitting that this was the cake to make (lol)...
Later on that evening after getting dressed-up in our finest and making sure our hair and make up were just right, we headed out for an evening of culture and light entrainment. Some of the party guests including a dodgy looking Mad Hatter, Chopper and crazed Ninja.The party was just devine, there was plenty of polite conversation, music and dancing.

(why Alice i don't think that's tea in your tea cup!)

The next morning Jodie awoke to find that here 18 month old son wished he was invited to the lovely party, he spent all morning making sure his make up was just right also.

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

Love Me Knot Necklace "Peppermint" Feature

Oh i got a lovely little surprise the other day when one of my stockists rang me to place an order. He began by congratulating me on having my "Love Me Knot" little golden heart dial necklace featured in the March "Love" issue of Peppermint Magazine ....i had no idea, hastily i arrange to have a copy send down to me (as sadly it's not stocked in my local newsagency). Thank you Darren and thank you Peppermint Mag you rock. xoxo