Friday, 25 June 2010

Tea Parties and Dress-Ups what fun!

To celebrate my little sister Jodie's 28 year of birth we had a little tea party, and i made her this lovely cake. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland had just come out in the cinemas so i thought it fitting that this was the cake to make (lol)...
Later on that evening after getting dressed-up in our finest and making sure our hair and make up were just right, we headed out for an evening of culture and light entrainment. Some of the party guests including a dodgy looking Mad Hatter, Chopper and crazed Ninja.The party was just devine, there was plenty of polite conversation, music and dancing.

(why Alice i don't think that's tea in your tea cup!)

The next morning Jodie awoke to find that here 18 month old son wished he was invited to the lovely party, he spent all morning making sure his make up was just right also.

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

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