Saturday, 13 September 2008

White Picket Fence Dreaming

After many months....7 in fact we have finally moved into our new house, in a quiet little South Gippsland country town. One of the space rooms in the house has now been converted in a studio/workshop/office/storeroom/place for magic and wonder and creating. Complete with tacky old 1960’s floral wall paper and matching curtains?????...!! The carpet is old, worn and going to get replaced when i find the time, but the cute little window fill the room with many hours of glorious sunlight and the whole room as a sense of warmth and belonging to already feels like home.
I wanted to say to big thank you to all my wonderful customers and stockist who have put up with all the chaos, un-contractibility (hmmm might be making up a new word there), missing stock, running out of stock....and not forgetting the many changes to all my contact been a rough few months but everything is beginning to fall into place....and just in time as spring has sprung and it time to get the house in order for the new season.....Christmas is just around the corner.
IN OTHER NEWS......due to the moving (which took a lot longer than was expected or planned for) the Spring collection BLACK which was to be released on the 1st of August this year, has been put on until further notice. But we will however be releasing a collection of beautiful and unique jewellery for the out for future posts, details are coming soon.

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