Monday, 17 September 2007

Meet My New Firends

I "made" some new friends this weekend. First to be born were these sweet little red and blue Pacmen, they're made from felt and oh so cute and soft. I took them for a walk in Richmond on Saturday, but they got hungry so i took them home and the ate cup cake....yummy! The problem was the cup cakes are earrings and not food. I wanted to take them from another walk, on Sunday but when i opened the door and step outside there was a storm cloud and a rain cloud waiting for us...............i took the storm cloud and rain cloud inside and turned them into cute little felt brooches aswell...........later on, after several cups of coffees and a chocolate bar i looked out my loungeroom window and saw a pretty rainbow, i quickly ran into my bedroom and grabbed my butterfly catching net and scooped up the rainbow and turned him into a felt brooch also.....

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