Thursday, 11 March 2010

Paperific Came to Town (and so did the storms)

This past weekend the Melbourne Show Grounds played host to Paperific - a wonderful trade fair for Scrapbookers and papercrafters alike. Paperific is held twice a year in Melbourne in March and August and brings together papercraft retailers from all over the country, with free demos, advice, show specials and ATC swaps this trade fair is while worth a visit.
For me personally, although i'm not a scrapbooker i find this show a great place to gather odds and ends that often find there way into my jewellery designs. And secretly i horde things like paper punches and rubber stamps which are far too expensive to posted too us here in the country.

This years fairs lacked a little from previous events (some of my favorite where not there this time), the day was still worth the 2 hour drive to attend - and then the storms came. While my sister and i where making our final purchases there rumbled some of the loudest thunder i heard in recent times. Then can the hail - yes the picture is real - that is hail inside the exhibition building, rain began to pour in through the light fittings and eventually flowed into the trading area, causing the place to be evacuated and bringing to end the fair a day early. I feel for the vendors and those who traveled to get to the fair and only just arrived before the storm hit. But thankfully the event will be back later on this year.

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