Thursday, 8 July 2010

Snow Days

When i was growing up i never learnt how to ski but not for lack of wanting, my family were never into the sport. The only opportunity i had was during a year 10 Outdoor Ed. class but because of a recent knee operation my participation was limited. Yet i still love the ski fields.
A couple of hours drive from my home town is Mt Baw Baw. Most winters since i moved to South Gippsland i try to go for at least one day during the snow season. I love the drive up there, sitting in the car waiting to catch the first glimpses of fresh snow. (for the most part the first snow you see on the roads has fallen from other cars roofs as they made there way down from the mountain that morning). When you arrive you try to brace yourself for the sudden bitter cold and immediately begin to regret the decision not to bring an extra pair of socks to wear.

I love the look of the mountain of a frosty foggy day, the stillness in the air just before a snow flurry begins to fall around you. I love seeing the white blanket covering the ground, roads and trees, and delicate crystal icicles hanging from the buildings.
What i really love the most about the snow fields - tobogganing. For this trip i went with my parents and 2 younger sisters. We hired out a couple of tobogganing and off we went. However i didn't really do too much tobogganing, i seemed to have spent most of my time running into, over or on top of small children. Parents please yelling "watch out, move" only seems to make your children stand dead still in the way, in the middle of the run.
My mum, not big on adventure watched us as we crashed into each other or attempted the jumps which mostly resulted on us landing on our faces, but my dad did actually ride - really he did, i have proof.Lunch, snow man making, more tobogganing, followed by hot chocolate and cake and the day was done. What fun!!And no trip to the snow is complete without a random snow ball fight on the way back to the car.

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