Saturday, 30 October 2010

Buy Nothing New Parade

A festival of Future-Friendly Fashion. This October marked the Salvation Army's first ever "Buy Nothing New" month. During the whole month of October the Salvo are encouraging people to avoid making purchases of "new" clothing and accessories.

As a fund raiser and to increase the porfile of "pre-loved" goods the local Savlos held a rather intereting fashion show, featuring:

cute little kids,

this old dear who came to the catwalk with layers and layers of clothing (and just as many hand bags) and proceed to amuse the crowd with her own uniqe brand of strip tease

err...(um those women have beards!!)


my sister also found a couple of creepy babies.

and finally at the end of the show (and after a pretty terrible quiz with prizes nobody wanted) all items worn in the show and many more could be purchased over a lovely supper.

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