Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas Gift Guide - Statement Necklaces

Brandy Wine Statement Necklace $79

Magpie Statement Necklace $79

Colour Wheel Statement Necklace $69

Iris Statement Necklace $79

Wow i can't believe it's less than one month until Christmas. As of this week i'm starting a series of gift guides to make Christmas shopping a little eaiser this year.
First off to tempt you is a brand new range of statement necklaces, these beautifully ornate pieces are truely works of wearable art. Each are made from a special selection of vintage and repourposed brooches, earrings, pendants and charms. Many of the componants have been resurfaced, repainted or hand enameled so the resulting designs are often One-of-a-kind's. In recents months perviously sold works have been seen in a number of magazines and newspapers and were also featured in a recent exhibition this past July.

Here is a collection of designs currently avaliable, but be warned most pieces sell-out very quickly and due to the nature of the materials used; cannot be reproduced once sold out.

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