Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's Summer...umm sort of!

It’s the 1st of December and time again to welcome in another season - summer; oh how i love you summer. My readers and all those that know me already know of my love of the summer season (and just as correct, my hatred of colder months). So i thought i would write a little of why this season fills me with so much joy.

The beach – the sand, the ocean sounds, the smell, days out on my dad’s boat and being able to participate in some of my favourite sports like swimming and snorkelling.

Balmy Nights – being able to take a walk late at night and feel the warn wind kiss your skin, it’s so worth the extremely hot days just to have night like that.

The heat – i don’t like being cold, and i suffer arthritis which acts up badly in winter.

BBQ’s – my family is prone to holding random BBQ’s, usually my parents would hold them on birthdays (there’s 4 in our family over the summer months) but more often they would bring out the barbie spontaneously on evenings when we’re all together.

Holiday Road Trips–It’s really the only time of the year now when i can take some time away from the studio.

Christmas (no need to extended explanations it speaks for itself).

The New Year – not so much for the party but for the chance to make everything new again.

Watermelon (which i also love) seems to taste so much better in the warmer weather

My birthday falls in the last month of summer, but i must say although i love birthday parties i don’t very much like getting older (eek!!)

Summer sports – Cricket and the Australian Open tennis i find are just wonderful days out with friends which i look forward too every year.

Music festivals – there are so many these days you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes

Lazy afternoons spent reading in the park

Water fights, hose wars and other childish nonsense which you can get away with on hot days


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