Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Banner & Tag Line

My winter cleaning slash business face life continues - i finally have my new banner made, and i love it.It started off just as a premade banner which i purchase from Thompson Designs with fawns but they kindly changed the design and added horses to match my business name. I feel the text font, colours and patterns are a good represention of the styles and themes i work in.
I originally came across their beautiful work when i was searching for a banner for my new etsy supply store Flox & Me, i found the perfect premade banner within minutes and have finally got everything loaded on both site now.

Thomson Designs can be found on etsy at

I've also changed my tag line to read "Inspired Creations" The word inspired not only applied to the design process but also what i hope my customers feel when they wear my pieces. I'm very happy now when the way the label is represented, all i have to do now is start making new swing tags again...aghh!!

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