Thursday, 9 July 2009

3 New Coin Purses

It's been a busy week, not sleeping enough, drinking too much coffee and compulsively creating as per usual, but as a result i have 3 new coin purses designs now in store.

First we have cute little Russian Nesting Dolls, printed in red on cream coloured cotton. Next we have super sweet sleepy owl. Both these prints are imported from Japan although i managed to pick these up at a recent trade show i went to in Melbourne

And the third purse is from some of the most interesting cotton fabric i've seen. It features a reproduction print of what looks like a dictionary style bird species reference guide. I was lucky enough to score this fabric from my local quilters shop - we don't have too much in the town i live in but we do have a decented fabric shop.

All these new goodie can now be purchased from my online store for $30 (free shipping) but i only have avalible one of each (at present) so i don't think they will stay in stock for too long. Enjoy!!

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