Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sundays Down on the Farm

Most Sunday's are spent down on the farm. Unofficially it's a gathering my family does on most weekends. It began a few years ago when my sister started taking her two dogs down to my parents dairy farm in Koonwarra for a run about and a spot of cat casing. Now this has become an informal family luncheon. Although all my family reside in the same district, and on most weeks have occasion to see each other at least once, i still find it nice to gather and catch-up (or argue about) the current affairs of our lives over chicken burgers or mum's yummy homemade sausage rolls. This is espically delightful in the winter months as my parents have the most wonderful log fire in the loungeroom to sit by. Last week i took my new Cannon EOS with me to capture some of the more interesting sights of winter time down on the farm.The great pumpkin harvest

The remains of the old plumb tree

Moss on the old well

Tarwin River under flood

Old Oak Tree

Rusty machinery

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