Thursday, 30 July 2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

***((((I'm so happy to have finished this piece that i had to write a blog entry about it))))***

I’m so thrilled to have finally finished this piece and offer it to you. This has been a labor of love for many, many months now.

Countless hours have been spent searching to the component and then designing and re-designing the pieces and i finally had it stage where i was happy with the piece. Not only is this a beautiful necklace but it’s also a piece of wearable mixed media art and a story book made from charms and jewellery findings.

To begin i started with large 92x52mm vintage steel filigree which for the base of the pendant. Mounted on top of the filigree is a selection of new and vintage charms which chronicle Alice’s adventure in wonderland. Forming collage background are tiny vintage doll house playing cards. The focal piece of this design is a large 38cm vintage brass basket wave locket with vintage “Paris” clock button. The locket has a fully working hinge and open out, with two sections for photos or keepsakes.

At present the pendant is hung from a 35cm think bronze tone cable chain, but i’m happy to alter the length of the chain or even replace the chain to suit your tastes

I remember toying with this idea back in late 2008, but it took a while to gather all the pieces and longer still to make the mock-up, and even longer still to put the piece together and have it finished, photographed and ready for sale. It piece is currently listed in my Etsy store but i should also have it listed on my website in the next day or so.


anwyn said...

wow thats a great piece of jewellery. U make some lovely pieces and i love the thought and attention it seems that u pay to each piece!

lovepossum said...

ok, another amazing piece! i think all that time was worth it! it must be hard saying goodbye to something that special you have made, well done and i hope you continue making unique masterpieces like this!

Ruth said...

what a nice piece of jewelry.

Batmamma said...

Beautiful :)