Sunday, 26 July 2009

Butterfly Kisses Make Me Happy

Being a self-taught artist and designer i’m still getting to understand my creative process, i.e what drives my creative process , why i make things the way i make them and why i get inspiration from some things and irritated by others. One thing i came to understand recently was the different moods we have an effect what i create, for example when i’m really tired, like almost falling asleep tired i get the most inspiration i can “see” designs and have been known to be up until the sun comes up the next morning tinkering with new ideas.

This past week has been one of those “horror” weeks where everything seems to go wrong all at once, it’s been most upsetting – however it’s not been all bad , as i’ve come to realised that when in such a mood i create the prettier, more delicate pieces such are this butterfly necklace. I was planning to make a statement piece with the butterfly charms but never envisioned that it would look like how it has come out – but i love. I think it would be perfect for a garden party or wedding or some other "happy" event. Interesting!

This piece now available for purchase through my Etsy store.


The Mully's said...

This is such a pretty necklace! I love it! I'm gonna go check out your shop now to see what other items I can add to my favorites! :)

Lori said...

This is beautiful. I love it.

katielyn said...


Natalie said...

Your jewelry is stunning! I love the combination of steampunk, beautiful beads, nature, and different metal colors/types. Absolutely beautiful work!

Natalie (nicesnow)

lovepossum said...

such gorgeous creations, you are truly talented!!