Friday, 24 July 2009

Inspired by Dandelions

The other day i was out in my backyard checking the fences and trees after a recent storm. I can't see much for the back yard from my house because of the slop of the property and the ugly garage blocking the view, so going out there sometimes feels like going on a mini adventure.
On this occasion i happen to have my camera with me in case i needed to document any damage. Whilst there i happened upon this beautiful Dandelion seed head and it got me thinking about the all the mythology relating to blowing the seeds for luck and such.
So i did a little research and found out that there are some many variations on the myth, for example there are the modern variations such as, when you blow the on the dandelion and make a wish; if all the seeds blow away then that wish will come true. Or depending on how may seeds are left after you take a deep breath and blow with determine how marry years to one gets married, how many children you wild have or how many years you have left to live.
Mythology centered around wishing on dandelions have been around for a millennia, most of the older myths seem to center around divination - that is depending on the direction the seed fly this will indicate where some kind of fortune will come from - usually good fortune of the heart.

So i plucked my little dandelion friend (which apparently means i'm going to wet the bed now!) and took theses lovely photographs. And reading up on all this dandelion mythology has inspired me to create a new line of "wish" pendants.


Amy Mathers said...

In one of my favourite Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast, there's a beautiful scene where Belle is singing about all the dreams she has for her life. She runs out into a field and grabs a dandelion to scatter its seeds on the wind and it's like she's sending her dreams out into the world.

Okay, I know it's corny. It is a Disney movie after all, but I'd be interested to see how your wish pendants turn out.

katielyn said...

Wow! Talk about taking inspiration from the world around you! So cool!